Tuesday, May 8, 2007

ComPosition Origin

whenever i take a new hobby, i am always overzealous and do it in full. it often costs an overabundance of money, time, energy, and photography is no exception. and a canon snob i am.

so welcome to my blog.

i have a canon ELPH powershot 4.0, a canon EOS elan IIe (one of the first eye control cameras) 35mm SLR camera, a canon XR800 camcorder, and the newest member to my photography family, a canon EOS digital rebel SLR that i purchased for $300 from an acquaintence.

i have decided to try to upkeep my photog hobbies by starting this blogallery. i am an amateur photog just having some fun and decided to post my favorite photos here. have fun viewing my photos, please feel free to leave comments, but please DO NOT USE OR DUPLICATE the photos without permission from the owner.
which is me.


Green Butterfly said...

Welcome to the world of digital photography. Get ready for a highly addictive hobby. Pretty soon you'll want to buy/use photoshop, high powered lens, larger memory cards, back up drivers...the list goes on and on... :)

Anonymous said...

looks like this could be fun....i know your brothers enjoy photography, and it can be addictive, but you seem to have the art for it....good luck and have fun....